Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Girl in a Porcelain Mask

Sitting in the shelter of an overhanging ledge is the girl in a porcelain mask,
Covering her face from the probing eyes of the crowd who care not to ask,
"Why wear a mask, why hide your face from all those who'd like to see?"
They don't ask, they don't care, not about her nor you and me,
This one's been broken by the sorrows of the world, his luck's run completely dry,
This one's just learned he'll finally have a son, but this one's just barely getting by,
This one's lost her lover to the man with the axe, and her brother says he'll track him down,
This one's always running away from his past, and this one can't afford a wedding gown,
Everyone's got problems of their own, which is why no one cares to ask,
Why the girl in the shelter of an overhanging ledge is wearing a porcelain mask.

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