Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Natural Philosophy I

Three years before Dark Wood Circus...

The Majestic City Academy of Natural Philosophy was more magnificent even than most of the palatial estates its students came from. The Academy was thronging with blue bloods spanning the entirety of the Imperial peerage. A collection of young men and women each told, from birth, that they were a higher class of person. Different. Better. Noble.

They strutted about through the halls, across the vast campus between the impressive, century-old buildings, constantly trying to act like they're more confident, more important, more noble than everyone else. It was entertaining, sometimes, to watch some lowly fifteen year old viscount who'd managed to pull himself to the top of a clique transform from a cocky, arrogant, controlling noble to a groveling servant the instant a mighty duke two years his junior walked past.

The idiotic, arbitrary social system was hilarious right up until it was horrifying.

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