Monday, October 18, 2010

Chapter Ten

Wilder slipped back into the group next to Byelbog.

“We need to go.” Wilder whispered to Byelbog.

“K” Byelbog nodded.

Just as Byelbog was about to speak to Herr Braun Wilder cut in. “Well, it has been good talking business, but you have more pressing matters that need your attention.”

Herr Braun eyed Wilder suspiciously, “By all means you should stay we have many things you should see, and people you should meet.” Herr Braun’s smile

Byelbog searched for a way out of their declining situation. Things turned for the worse as he saw Herr Braun eye someone behind them and make a slight motion with his head. Byelbog positioned himself ready to move. A loud explosion provided the distraction he needed. Whipping around he brought up his elbow smashing the first man in the side of the face. He sent his knee into the second man’s groin and sent his heal onto his neck once he hit the ground snapping his neck like a twig. Wilder finished off his attacker, and looked around for Herr Braun.

Byelbog eyed a duster on one of their assailants smiling he removed it and put it on. He thanked the dead man, listened in to Wilders plan.

“We are going to head strait toward the explosion.” Wilder smiled. Before anyone could object he ran off in the direction of the explosion.

Byelbog whispered “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Members of the Sergeinov Circus ran in the opposite direction as the group traveled. Byelbog spotted the cause for the chaos before Wilder did. Grabbing Wilder by the collar Byelbog yanked him backward a spray of bullets drilled their way into the ground where he had been a second ago.

A twelve foot metal walker stepped into full view of their party. The Gatling gun in the torso started to slow its rotating smoke from the gunpowder began to clear. The walker reverse jointed legs stepped so the torso faced them. Byelbog felt someone watching them from a slit above the center gun. The two cannons built into the shoulders angled toward the party. Sounds of metal sliding against metal echoed out of the barrels. Byelbog gritted his teeth reminding himself if they get out of this alive to ring Wilders neck.

If we could blind it long enough to get behind it, we could get away... Byelbog thought to himself as a massive round from one of the cannons blew up a pack of flying Segeinov performers, their bodies flying through the air like ragdolls. The slits are the only way to see out! Byelbog realized. No peripheral vision, no way to look down. The safest place would literally be right under its nose. Pushing Wilder forward he motioned for everyone to move, “Go between the legs.” Running between the legs threw the pilot off for a moment. When Byelbog looked back the walker was already turning its gun towards another target.

Safely away from the Sergeinov Circus Byelbog grabbed Wilder by the neck, “if you ever try something so stupid again I will kill you.”

“Well I was trying-” Wilder started.

Byelbog cut in, “To get everyone killed? Next time you come up with one of your idiotic plans you might want to use that atrophied organ between your ears.”

Wilders scowled, but right as he was about to speak Ashen cut in, limping a bit, and with a massive bear-person just behind him. “I see everyone made it out alive, and someone got a new coat," he said.

“Yeah, we did.” Byelbog glared at Wilder one more time, “The coat was donated by a member of the Sergeinov Circus.”

"They are a notoriously generous organization," Ashen said.

Byelbog eyed the giant. “We successfully added to the family I see.”

Ashen glanced at the bear-person accompanying him, “Ah, yes, this is...I didn't catch your name, actually.”

"Damaskenos," the man said.

"There you go," Ashen said.

Byelbog kept his jaw from dropping, “He is larger than I would have expected. But not as large as the friend we just got away from.”

Ashen smiled, “Twelve is more than nine.”

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